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This site is dedicated to the men of Swanscombe who gave their lives in the service of this country during the first world war.

It neither glorifies nor celebrates war but remembers those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

In time, hopefully, the details & stories of those who served under the colours & made it home will also be added to this site.

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So far, we have traced 181 men who were either born in or residents of Swanscombe and who were either killed or died as a result of service during the first world war. All of these men are also commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.


Work continues to identify any more men who deserve to be remembered here.


The names and as much information about these men as is known will soon be published here. There is every possiblity that there are living relatives of these men who may have pictures, letters etc relating to them. If so, please contact us so this information can be added to his entry.


15th August 1914


On the 15th August 1914, at least 3 of the men of Swanscombe arrived in France as part of the BEF (British Expeditionary Force) sent to assist the Belgians in holding up the advancing German army. 

100 years ago today........


August 4th 1914. Prime Minister Herbert Asquith declares war on Germany. The previous day, the British Government had issued an ultimatum to Germany requiring them to respect the nutrality of Belgium & for the Germany army to withdraw from Belgium back to the German border. This nutrality was protected by Great Britain by treaty. This ultimatum expired at 11pm on the 3rd August & no satisfactory response was received. As a result, Herbert Asquith made the following statement: " Owing to the summary rejection by the German Government of the request made by His Majesty's Government for assurances the the nutrality of Belgium would be respected, His Majesty's Ambassador in Berlin has received his passport and His Majesty's Govenment has declared to the German Government that a state of war exists between Great Britain & Germany as from 11pm on August the 4th".

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