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Swanscombe Memorial

Great War Swanscombe.


Some parts of Swanscombe during the first world war would be recognisable today, however a large area of the village had not been built at that stage. 


The population of Swanscombe at the 1911 census was given as 7,693* with 1,556 households living within the parish (an average of 5 people per household). The current population of Swanscombe is 15,732**  


Source* A vision of Britain Through Time ** GeoNames

After the war ended it was decided to award the men of Swanscombe who had served their King & Country a medal of thanks. The Rvd Stanley Morgan and Cllr Ballard chose the medal to be awarded from a shortlist provided by Rvd Coleridge. This winning design was manufactured by T Freeman in Birmingham and were hallmarked silver. Cllr Arthur Mercer was responsible for collating the names of those men eligible to receive the medal. The coucil paid £215 (about £9,400 now) for the medals. They were presented on the 1st November 1919 at Church House, Galley Hill. In addition, the medal was also presented to the families of all those who lost thier lives serving King & Country during the Great War. 

Information courtesy of Christoph Bull, Clive Wells & Bob Bareham. Image © Clive Wells 2013.

Map of Swanscombe, 1909. As can be seen, Swanscombe is mostly recognisable however noticeably, the estate bounded by Milton Street, Milton Road, Eglington Road & Manor Road is missing. This was built in the 1930 and before then was farm land.

Swanscombe Hight Street 1910. To the right of the image is the Wheatsheaf pub and on the left the shops including Ferrari's Hair Studio, the Swanscombe Fish Bar & the Co op. At the far end of the High Street, what is now the Peking Palace Chinese take away can clearly be seen. 

It would appear that in that era, this part of Swanscombe was commonly referred to as Galley Hill, differentiating it from Craylands & Knockhall. 

Image kindly courtesy of Gary Vaughan

Swanscombe High Street 2013


11th November 2018

Today, on the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, we particularly remember all those who gave their lives in the great war, no matter which side they fought on.

We will remember him.

A proud partner of the IWM First World War Centenary

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