Swanscombe Memorial
Swanscombe Memorial

Roll Of Honour

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Ainsley, Arthur Edmund   Freed, Edward Valentine   Nettleingham, Arthur Joseph
Arrows, Arthur   Freeman, Ernest   Newdick, Herbert Edwin
Anderson, John   Gatfield, Russell W G   Obee, William Thomas
Austen, James   Gilbert, Horace Leonard   Openshaw, Louis John
Aylward, Archibald Stanley   Giles, John Thomas   Outred, Harry
Baker, Richard          Godden, Thomas   Outred, Leonard
Barden, Percy   Godwin, Charles Thomas   Ovens, Harry
Barden, Henry   Glover, Lewis Arthur   Palmer, Charles William
Bardoe, Leonard   Graves, Ernest Walter   Pearmain, John James
Bare, Cecil   Gray, Henry   Pennell, Charles
Bare, William Mosebury   Gray, Richard   Perkins, Robert Thomas
Bareham, Walter   Green, Robert   Peyton, John A Wynyard
Barnes, Leonard   Groombridge, Stephen R   Phillips, Ernest
Bartholomew, Percy   Gurr, John   Piper, James
Beatrup, James William   Hanafin, Cornelius   Plummer, William
Berriman, George C   Harding, Walter   Poll, Owen Thomas
Bignell, Timothy    Hardy, Edward William    Price, Fredrick
Birchley, Frederick   Harris, Albert James   Randle, John
Bobby, Herbert Charles   Harvey, Arthur   Raven, William Henry
Bobby, John   Harvey, Frank   Roberts, Oscar H S
Bodle, Arthur   Haylock, Edward Cyril   Robinson, Henry
Bodle George   Hazel Charles   Robinson, William Francis
Bolton, William   Head, William   Roots, Charles William
Bones, William   Hills, Arthur   Russell, Arthur
Bowen, Wilfred Stanley Thomas   Hinkley, Percy William   Russell, John
Bridger, Ernest Reginald   Hoadley, Joseph   Saward, John Charles
Bright, Samuel John Robert    Hoadley, William   Sawyer, Alfred James
Broad, Edward   Howard, Albert Edward   Seaden, George, Ernest
Broad, Thomas   Hudson, Fredrick   Shea, Oliver
Broad, Charles N   Humble, Donald   Simmons, Henry Alfred
Brown, Job   Hussey, Edwin Gordon   Simmons, John Henry
Busby, John   Jackson, Percy Fredrick   Skews, Nelson
Butchard, Robert A   James, Robert   Smith, Alfred Leonard
Chandler, Stanley   Jarvis, Thomas       Smith, Percy Edward
Cherry, Richard Cornelius   Jessup, Harold   South, Percy William
Clark, Ernest   King, Edwin William   South, Arthur
Clements, Charles   Kitchener, Herbert George   Stanley, Edwin Benjamin 
Cole, Percy   Lander, William Henry   Stedman, Stanley S S
Collins, George Albert   Larner, Reginald   Stevens, Louis
Cooper, Percy   Latter, Charles Edward   Stone, Albert
Couchman, Thomas R J   Law, James McLean   Stone, Alfred Richard
Croucher, William Robert   Letts, Robert Charles   Stoneham, Harry
Crust, George   Loft, Henry Thomas   Street, Harry George
Darge, Harry Thomas   Loft, William    Sullivan, William
Danzey, Henry   Ludlow, Herbert Leonard Ernest   Tickner, Alfred
Day, Elvey Arthur   Luxford, Albert   Tickner, Frederick
Down, John Henry   Mackenzie, William John Beck   Tigwell, Alfred John 
Dunmall, Henry J   Malyon, Fredrick   Tucker, John
Edwards, George Alfred (Albert?)   Malyon, William Thomas   Turner, George
Ellen, James Charles   Mannering, James Vincent   Turner, William
Ellen, Fredrick George   Martin, Fred   Vine, George Fredrick
Embleton, Alfred   Martin, Hurbert         Walker, Fred Wood
Ewen, George   Martin, Geoffrey William James   Walter, Robert Duppa
Eyres, George   Mason, George   Walter, William Roger
Farmer Alfred Victor    Mason, Charles Alfred   Ware, Robert
Farmer, George   Maton, William   Weller, Henry Charles
Flexon, Henry George   Medhurst, Francis Henry   White, George Joseph
Finch, Charles William   Mercer, Stewart William   White, John James
Flint, Francis David   Merryweather, James   Wood, Benjamin 
Flint, Robert   Messam, John William   Woodger, Arthur
Foreman, Harold James   Moss, George Thomas    
Memorial, All Saints Church, London Road
Memorial, St Peter & St Pauls Church, Swanscombe Street

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,

We will remember them.


11th November 2018

Today, on the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, we particularly remember all those who gave their lives in the great war, no matter which side they fought on.

We will remember him.

A proud partner of the IWM First World War Centenary

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